Our clinic is a gynecological clinic specializing in fertility treatment.

For those who come to the clinic for the first time

  • 1 The clinic’s questionnaires and examinations are in Japanese only. Please be sure to come to the hospital with those who can speak Japanese.
  • 2 Please make a reservation by calling 078-261-3500.
    Depending on the time of day, the phone is crowded, so if possible, please call us on weekdays from 14:00 to 16:30.
  • 3 Please note that the reception hours are “morning medical care: 8:30-12:00” and “afternoon care: 16:30-18:30” only at the first visit.
  • 4 Reservations for the first visit are accepted on weekdays (morning + afternoon), Saturdays and Sundays (morning only).
    (Reservations cannot be made on Japanese holidays).
  • 5 Avoid menstrual days because there can ultrasound examinations and internal examinations at the time of the first visit.

Nishitan ART Clinic Kobe-sannomiya f.k.a. Kobe ART Clinic

MINT KOBE 15F 7-1-1 Kumoidori, Chuou, Kobe 651-0096, Japan Tel: 81-78-261-3500 Fax 81-78-261-1115



  • 1 本诊所仅提供日语的问卷调查及各项检查。 请务必与会日语的人一起就诊。
  • 2 请致电 078-261-3500 进行首诊预约。
  • 3 首诊时间 上午门诊 8:30-12:00及 下午门诊 16:30-18:30
  • 4 首诊请预约在星期一至星期五(上午+下午)、星期六、星期日(仅限上午)
  • 5 首诊时有超声波检查及内诊,请避开经期。

Nitan ART 诊所 神户三宫诊所(原神户辅助生殖诊所)

651-0096日本兵库县神户市中央区云井通7-1-1 MINT KOBE 15F 电话: 81-78-261-3500 传真: 81-78-261-1115